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Below is a copy of our updated Behaviour policy, detailing rewards and sanctions within the school.


If you have any concerns regarding your child's behaviour, or that of another child, please speak to your child's class teacher first of all.  If you still require further support or assistance, please come and see Mrs Dennis or Mrs Kay.


After Easter , we will be beginning our 'Behaviour Blitz'.  This is where, each term, in additional to the usual expected behaviours, rewards and sanctions, the school will have a behaviour focus, introduced to the children as “This term’s behaviour blitz”.  This will be presented in an assembly, exploring what it really means and the sort of behaviours we are looking for, and will be shown on our behaviour display board in the hall.  All staff will be particularly vigilant, looking for examples of this type of behaviour.


This term our behaviour blitz is..........Respect and Manners


Children seen to be displaying these behaviours will be awarded 3 housepoints.


Below are the assembly slides which will be shown to children to introduce the Behaviour Blitz.


There is a section in our Behaviour Policy regarding bullying, explaining the processes and systems in place to deal with incidents of bullying.  If you or you child think that they are being bullied, your first port of call should be their class teacher.  If you require further support, you may also come and see Mrs Dennis, Mrs Kay or Miss Bibby.


The children will be having an assembly to learn more about bullying.  Below are the slides which will be discussed.