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Drop-Off Zone

Drop-Off Zone from September 2016


Part of the redesign and expansion of the school involved altering the car park at the front of the school.

From September 2016 we have been able to offer parents the chance to drop off their children from within the car park. We hope that this alleviates congestion at the front of the school and will encourage parents and children to walk, bike or scooter to school.


When does it operate?

Each morning, between 8.30am and 8.50am, there is a dedicated area for drop off. This is within the car park in the area that is brick paved.

Before and after these times, the drop off is not in operation and there are no staff to supervise the children.


How does it work?

Parents and carers drive up to the area and stop. The children then get out of the car, with the assistance of the members of staff on duty.

The children are then taken into the hall where they wait until 8.50am. At this time they go to their classrooms.


To keep the flow of cars going, it is vital that parents remain in their cars and wait to be told to move on.

Also, that parents only stop in the designated area


Thank you in advance for your support and for working with us to keep the children safe. If you have any questions or comments about the drop-off zone, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Drop-Off Zone Update

Survey Monkey Results - January 2017

A huge thank you for all the parents who responded to the Survey Monkey about the school drop off. We had 112 responses. Responses were as follows;


50% of parents who responded used it. Of those who use it:

  • 53% use it on average once a week
  • 16% use it on average two or three times a week
  • 31% use it on average three or four times a week.
  • 98% of parents said that staff were extremely helpful
  • 83% of parents said that they felt the drop-off zone had eased parking in the mornings.


What have you liked about the drop off zone?

The over-riding feeling was that it was convenient, eases flow of traffic, safe, quick and easy, eased problem with parking. What could we do to improve the drop off zone? A lot of people who responded couldn’t think of anything but I will respond to some of the concerns raised. 

Wider entrance The access gate had been widened as part of the build. It is possible to get 1 car in and 1 out 
Extend to 8.55 Drop off finishes at 8.50 as this is the latest we can leave to get the children organised and escorted to classrooms. (It’s a long way from the hall to reception classes!)
Earlier drop off from 8.15  The drop off was introduced to ease the parking problems for residents and to make the walk, bike, scoot to school safer. That’s why we start 20 minutes before the doors open. If we start earlier this won’t ease congestion. Could I please ask parents not to be waiting at the drop off from 8.15 as this makes it difficult for staff to get parked and into school. 
The issue of cars parked around the car park at the end of the day, its unsafe  This was part of our planning proposal to ease parking on neighbouring roads at the end of the day – opening up the car park to parents after school. There is a footpath around to the pedestrian access on Bristol Drive. If people are heading towards the play park they can walk round to nursery and through the side entrance. I’m at the front of the school on a regular basis ensuring that cars are parked on the road not pavement – which they are. Like any car park it’s vital that you keep an eye on your children.