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Non-Teaching Staff

Teaching Assistants

Miss H Pearce                                                                                                                          

Cover Supervisor (Language Team)   

Miss L Mason                                                                                                                          

PPA/Computing HLTA (Computing Team)                                                                               

Mrs S Pearce

HLTA (Knowledge of the World Team)                                                                              

Mrs M Ella                                                                                                                               

KS2 Interventions (Personal Well-being Team)

Mrs K Banks                                                                                                                          

KS2 Interventions (Maths Team)                                                                                                                                                       

Mrs A Smith                                                                                                                             

KS2 Interventions & 1:1 Year 5  (Science Team)

Mrs R Sanchez                                                                                                                               

Year 6 & KS2 Interventions/Spanish PPA (Language Team) 

Miss S Coy                                                                                                                               

Year 6 & 1:1 Year 4 (Maths Team)

Mrs R Harkness

Year 5 & PE PPA (Personal Well-being Team) 

Mrs A Jessop

Year 5 1:1 (Science Team) 

Mrs G Fox

Year 4 (Outdoor Learning Team)

Miss L Robson 

Year 4 1:1 & P/T Nursery (Language Team)

Miss J Bayley

Year 4 1:1 

Mrs J Smith

Year 3 & PE PPA (Maths Team)

Miss S Hawkins

Year 3 1:1 & Year 5 1:1) (Knowledge of the World Team)

Mrs L Campling 

Year 2  (Creative Team)

Miss S Hall

Year 2 & 1:1 Year 1 (Creative Team)

Miss H Ella

Year 2 (Personal Well-being Team)

Miss A Keal

Year 2 1:1 (Computing Team)

Miss N Elsom

Year 2 1:1 (Inclusion Team)

Mrs S Purkis

Year 1 (Science Team)

Mrs D Farrow

Year 1 (Computing Team)

Miss C Walker 

Year 1 & 1:1 Year 2 (Knowledge of the World Team)

Mrs A Cheseldine 

Reception (Inclusion Team)

Mrs D Conville 

Reception (Outdoor Learning Team)

Mrs K Tinsley

Reception (Personal Well-being Team)

Mr W Otter

1:1 Year 2 & 1:1 Year 1 (Inclusion Team)

Mr B Dennis                                                                                                                             

1:1 Year 1 & Reception (Computing Team)

Mrs L Butt

Nursery & SALT (Outdoor Learning Team) 


Mrs E Kay

Learning Mentor (Maternity Leave) (Personal Well-being Team) 

Mrs K Revill 

Learning Mentor (Maternity Cover) RWI Lead TA (Inclusion Team)

Administrative Staff

Mrs S Davis


Mrs C Goldson

Senior Administrator

Mrs S Weekes

Senior Administrator

Miss A Clifton

Finance Assistant

Manual Staff

Mr J Lintin


Mr L Wilson

Part-time Caretaker

Mrs J O'Neill

Part-time Caretaker

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs M Allen

Kitchen Assistant

Mr T Clark

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant

Miss R Coy

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs J Davies

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs R Dutfield

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant

Miss K Foster

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant

Mr N Griffiths

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant

Miss L Hides

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant

Mrs P Hutson

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant

Miss V New

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant

Mrs E Norledge

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant

Miss G Price

Kitchen Manager

Mrs P Turner

Mid-day Controller

Miss T Westerman

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs K Wilkinson

Mid-day Meals Supervisory Assistant