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School Day

Morning session: 9am - 12.25pm


Afternoon session for Infants: 1.25pm - 3.30pm


Afternoon session for Juniors: 1.25pm - 3.35pm


Nursery Morning Session: 8.45am - 11.45am


Nursery Afternoon Session: 12.45pm - 3.45pm


We have an 'Open Door' policy. At 8.50am all external doors will be open to allow a ten minute entry.


Parents and children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 enter school through the appropriate door and proceed to the cloakroom areas. Children hang up their coats and enter the classrooms, where they will be greeted by their teacher. Any parents accompanying their children may enter the classrooms but should be ready to leave at 9.00am when school begins.


Junior aged children are encouraged to be independent; they should enter school through the appropriate door and proceed to their cloakroom and classrooms, where they too will be met by their teacher. However, if a parent needs to see any teacher for a specific purpose in this ten minute period, they can do so.


At the end of school, children are dismissed by their class teacher and supervised as they leave the building by using their designated exit. Children and parents should not enter or exit via the main school reception doors. Parents are encouraged to wait for their children well clear of these exit route doors and must supervise their children within the school grounds.


Please note that all play equipment situated around the school grounds is strictly prohibited before and after school sessions.