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Teaching Staff

Mr G Nichols, Headteacher

Mrs C Scally, Deputy Headteacher (Maternity Leave)

Lead for Curriculum, Attendance

Miss C Bibby, Assistant Head (Maternity Leave)

SENCO, Lower School Team Leader, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mobilise Lead, Inclusion Team Lead

Mrs L Garner, Acting Deputy Headteacher (Maternity Cover) (Year 6)

Upper School Team Leader, Pupil Premium, PE Lead Teacher, Educational Visits, Outdoor Learning, Personal Well-Being Team Lead

Mr D Scott (Year 6)

Y4-Y6 Lead, Marking and Feedback Lead, School Travel Co-ordinator, Maths Team Lead

Mrs E Ranshaw (Year 5)

Secondary Links, Creative Team Lead

Mrs S Bull (Year 5)

Community Links, Science Team Lead

Mr A Challis (Year 4)

Maths Team

Mr D Hodson (Year 4)

TA CPD Lead, Knowledge of the World Team Lead

Mrs C Pell-Reynolds (Year 3) 

Y1-Y3 Lead, Assessment Lead, Fundraising, Languages Team Lead (Focus on Writing)

Mrs D McIntosh (Part-time Teacher - Year 3)

Breakfast Club/After-school liaison, Language Team

Miss K Eacott (Part-time Teacher - Year 3)

Display Lead, Outdoor Learning Team

Mr P Turner (Year 2)

British Values, Intervention Lead, Children's Parliament, Computing Team Lead

Mrs A Blease (Year 2)

After-school/Lunchtime Club Co-ordinator, Fundraising, Science Team

Mrs S Stanney (Year 2)

Creative Team

Mrs A Dennis (Year 1)

SEND Lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Behavioural Reviewer, Inclusion Team

Mrs S Sugden (Year 1)

Maths Team

Mrs C Hempstead (Part-time Teacher - Year 1)

EAL/BME, Creative Team

Mrs D Young (Part-time Teacher - Year 1)

Children's Parliament, Social. Moral, Cultural & Spiritual, Creative Team

Mrs J Battersby (Year 1)

Language Team

Mrs S Khanna (Reception)

Early Years Lead, Phonics Lead Teacher, Language Team (Focus on RWI and Reading)

Mr C Spencer (Reception)

Fundraising, Outdoor Learning Team Lead

Miss H Baker (Reception)

Maths Team 

Miss K Thackray (Nursery) (Maternity Leave)

Transition Lead, Outdoor Learning, Science Team

Mrs C Donington (Nursery) (Maternity Cover)

Outdoor Learning Team 


Mr B Cain (Part-time Teacher - Year 6)