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Today we write part II of our letter to Mr Jones, the school teacher. So we've told Mr Jones why we are writing (because we've found the books stolen by the book bandit) now we need to tell him where to find them. We need to write bossy instruction sentences, not statement sentences. This is a chance to be bossy to a teacher!


Do you remember out time connectives from last week? These were our words that help us put instructions in order. We used firstly, then, next, now and finally. Can we use these to tell Mr Jones how to find the books? We have to fit in the farm, zoo, the pizza shop, the golf course, and the woods.


Order your time connectives then complete your bossy instruction sentences. Tell Mr Jones where to go and how to get there e.g. First run past the stinky farm. Then sprint to the zany zoo.


Ext. If you are feeling confident turn your nouns into 'next door neighbour's i.e. put an adjective in front of it e.g. smelly farm , noisy zoo.