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Today is all about setting! 

The setting is where the story takes place. Although 'Where the Wild Things Are' begins in Max's house, it moves to the 'land of the wild things' a land that grows from a beautiful forest that appears in his bedroom.


We're going to go 'for a walk' through the woods/forest/in your garden. This might be a forest in your imagination or, if you have a woods, park or garden nearby, you might want to take a socially distanced 'real' walk.


The task is to use your senses to describe where you are. What can you see, hear, feel, and smell in your 'forest?'


If you can't go for a walk, use the link to the YouTube video below and take a virtual walk through a rain-soaked forest. 


Write 5 things you can see.

4 things you can hear.

3 things you can touch.

2 things you can smell.



Incredible 4K Walking in the Rain, Mystery Foggy Forest, Sleep Relax Music, Rain sounds,White noise

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