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Today we're using the words we've gathered on Wednesday and Thursday to complete a piece of extended descriptive writing about a forest.


Remember our 'next door neighbours' (adjective noun) and not forgetting our capital letters and our full stops.


We're going to try something called 'slow writing.'

Slow writing is where you are given an instruction to follow for each sentence. It really gets you thinking!


Look below for your instructions for each sentence.





1. Write a sentence with 3 nouns.


E.g. The forest has trees, fruit and hanging vines.


2. Write a sentence with an adjective and a noun.


E.g. The mysterious moon shone down over the forest.



The moon shone down over the enormous forest.


3. Write a sentence about Max.


E.g. Max danced like a wild animal in the moonlight.


4. Write about what can be heard in the forest.


E.g. Birds hooted joyful songs from tree to tree.