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Choose a number of the day.

Can you find the numbers around the house, e.g. 3 chairs, the number 3 on the clock, 3 family members.

Can you make 3 in different ways, e.g.  3 ingredients mixed together, 3 pennies, 3 stones.

It is still winter and the temperature is very cold!

During winter you might see some snow and make some snowmen.

Can you make some snowmen out of different materials and shapes? You might have a pasta-man, a pencil man or even a glitter-man!

Take a picture of them and upload them to tapestry for your teachers to see!

This term we are developing our skills with comparing quantities. Here are some engaging songs to learn about sizes and comparisons.



Longer or Shorter Song | Comparing Measurements

Comparing Numbers for Kids - Greater Than Less Than

Is It Heavy or Light?