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Physical Education at Sir Francis Hill


To ensure everyone keeps fit and healthy



The intent is that during Physical Education at Sir Francis Hill all pupils will:

  • Have the opportunity to take part in a range of physical activities throughout the school year
  • Access 2 hours of timetabled high quality physical education for all KS1 and KS2 pupils
  • Have daily physical activities to develop fine and gross motor skills in foundation stage
  • Access a progressive curriculum which takes into account pupils abilities and builds on skill development
  • Have a focus on understanding the importance of being healthy and developing their fitness
  • Be able to swim 25 metres by the end of KS2
  • Experience success and enjoyment.
  • Develop life skills of problem-solving, resilience, good sportsmanship, teamwork, keeping safe and abiding by rules.



Physical Education is delivered in specified, timetables slots. We implement our approach through high quality teaching and the delivery of structured physical education lessons for all groups of learners supported by a ‘home-grown’ progressive curriculum. The PE funding has enabled us to upskill the workforce over a number of years resulting in a high standard of Physical Education teaching. Where possible, teachers and teaching assistants strengths are drawn upon to ensure this can happen. When teaching physical education at Sir Francis Hill Primary school, we use a variety of teaching methods and equipment that allow all pupils to access physical education and experience success and enjoyment. 

Alongside the skills which are developed, children are encourage to think about the reasons why it is important to be physically active and the impact this has on our bodies. We also consider why it is beneficial to warm up and cool down. Over time, children will become resilient learners who are able to accept that winning and losing are a necessary step in their learning.  Children will be appropriately challenged and supported through skill development and problem solving.   Irrespective of personal starting points, all children including those with additional needs and SEND will have the opportunity to experience a range of physical activities including inter and intra school competitions alongside special events organised throughout the year – charity events, themed days and health week. Pupils will persevere by building on previous knowledge and skills, and apply these to a wide variety of contexts.  

The focus on swimming at KS1 ensures that pupils receive swimming instruction at an early opportunity which is revisited in KS2 for those pupils who require additional lessons.

Pupils in Foundation Stage will access their learning of physical education through continuous provision. Physical opportunities are offered daily within the outdoor area alongside weekly pe lessons.

Alongside the timetabled lessons, opportunities are created for children to be physically active in a range of situations. These include (but are not exclusive to-)

Cross curricular themes – heart topic in Year 6/pshe lessons

Themed days

Sports week

Sport days

Residential visits

Den building

Forest schools

Health week

Extra curricular clubs

Access to a play leader and equipment at lunchtimes

Links with secondary schools

Active playtimes

Development of  outdoor areas

Charity events

Walk to school initiatives



Ongoing formative assessment takes place within each PE lesson.  This includes: teacher observations, questioning, discussions and feedback. These outcomes are fed forward into subsequent planning to ensure gaps in knowledge are closed and progress is not limited. It also enables more-able pupils to be moved forward quicker.

End of unit intra-school class competitions ensure pupils are able to apply the skills learnt in more competitive situations.  These are also used to support teacher assessments, and to track progress. Areas of weakness can be followed up in subsequent units where possible. Scholar Pack is used to track pupils progress throughout the school.

We recognise that quality first teaching in physical education is the essential first step in improving outcomes for all children.  With this in mind, we ensure that teachers and teaching assistants are kept up to date on the latest initiatives and news.  This is through continuous professional development by outside providers and within school. In response to monitoring, evaluation and review outcomes, weaker areas in staff subject knowledge and pedagogy are developed through mentoring.


Adaptations for Physical Education

Academic Year 2020 - 2021



We want to ensure that the academic year 2020 – 2021 is driven by the needs of the children and therefore the curriculum plan has been adapted and recognises areas of the PE curriculum which were not addressed in the last academic year.  Initially, the focus will be on consolidating the fundamentals – running, jumping and throwing which can be addressed through the missed athletics whilst taking into account where possible social distancing and limiting the sharing of equipment.  Therefore athletics and fitness activities could enable this to happen easier than in other physical activities.  Some aspects of the outdoor and adventurous PE curriculum could also be addressed at this time. 

Year 2 were able to undertake their planned swimming, and none of the Top-up swimming took place for Year 5 and 6; swimming may not commence at the very start of the academic year.  This is something we will need to be aware of and will adapt the curriculum plan as necessary.  



Adaptation to the curriculum plan 

Resources and equipment to enable this to happen 

Recording sheets shared which highlight previous year's objectives which were untaught

Access to previous years plans and focus on accelerating learning 

Intention that the planned Skipping workshop/Scooter workshop which were planned for last year can be rebooked and take place this academic year

Active Playtimes/further development of play areas/playground leaders 


Measuring the Impact: 

Fitness Challenge/Milk in Action Athletics awards/Circuits/60 second challenges 

Assessment data 





Increased fitness levels 

Positive attitudes to physical activity 

Improved physical literacy 

Children back on track with current year group learning 


Please be aware this year's curriculum plan is a working document.