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Spring Term Home Learning Days 1 & 2

Children learn through play, finding out, exploring, watching and copying others. 

Any activities and opportunities you provide are all learning experiences for your child.

Exposure to lots of talk, conversations, books, games and day to day experiences are all valuable to your developing child.


This term's topic is Where Does Snow Go? Have a go at some of these activities over the next couple of days.

We are now in the season of Winter! Talk with your grown up about Winter and the other seasons in the year. 

-What are the signs that Winter is here?

-Look out of the window or go into the garden. Can you see, hear, smell or feel that Winter has arrived?

-You could take some pictures or draw some pictures of the signs of Winter.



If you can, collect some items from the garden, or from around your house.

-Sort your collection by colour, shape, size etc.

-Try counting the objects, can you give your grown up two? Can you give them five?

Remember it's easier if you put the objects in a line and use your counting finger!

-How many would you have if you add 1 more? Or if you took 1 away? 



Can you remember when we talked about hot and cold colours last term?

-What colours do you think are cold and Wintery colours? 

-If you have any crayons or paints use the cold colours to create some artwork or print some colour patterns.



 Name practise time! 

-Can you recognise your name?

 See if you can spot it if your grown up writes family names on different pieces of paper.

 Jumble them up and try again.

 -What is the sound at the beginning of your name? What does it look like? Is it a curly letter or a

 straight letter?



Story time!

-Choose a book to share together. How do we hold a book? Can you turn the pages 


-Do you have any books about Winter at home? You could have a look on YouTube for a Winter story or information book.


In Nursery, we enjoy the story of Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. I've popped it below for you to watch if you would like to. Don't forget to join in with the repeating phrases and make the animal sounds, just like we do at Nursery story time!

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell