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Change is constantly happening. Sometimes you can clearly see change, sometimes it happens slowly over many years. There are changes that people remember, such a parents, grandparents or great grand parents. People's memories becomes important historical artefacts. These are part of what is called 'living memory.' As things happen longer and longer ago we rely on other artefacts to record change such as paintings or photographs. When these moments are beyond the time of grandparents and great grandparents, these are moment beyond living memory.


The city of Lincoln is a very old city. It is over two thousand years old. There has been lots of change. Mr Turner has lived here for 16 years and even in his time here he has seen buildings knocked down and new buildings put up. 


'Now and Then'


We're going to compare Lincoln 'then' and Lincoln 'now'


I'll post the link below for a an absolutely fantastic website about Lincoln where you can 'slide' photos to show how parts of Lincoln have changed over the years.  

Look at Boultham Park Road on the website. It shows the road now-ish (2011), in 1983 and 1920 (over one hundred years ago). What has changed?

*Use the photo for clues itself (black and white or colour?)

*Have the buildings changed?  Are they shops or houses?

*What about transport? How do people travel around? 

*What are people wearing? It is the same as now or different?


Ask an older relative who has lived in Lincoln what changes they have seen over the years.