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Our topic this term is Dinosaur Planet!


This is one of those topics where some children may know lots already and others not so much. Even the grown ups may find that what they knew as a child has drastically changed due to new and wonderful discoveries over the years.


Today is a about a KWL grid. K is for knowledge (what do you know already), W is for What would you like to know? and the L is for learnt (as in what have you learnt at the end of the topic). 


Today we'll focus on the first two columns (K and W).



Many children shy away from a KWL grid, in the fear that they will be ;'wrong.' Knowledge is what do they think they know already, they can't be wrong about what is in their heads. Use the prompts below to help them.


1. Have they seen films and books with dinosaurs in? What were the dinosaurs like?

2. Where else will they have seen information about dinosaurs? (Think internet and museums)

3. What do they look like?

4. When did they live? (Let them choose their own terms - it doesn't have to be accurate e.g. a long time ago).

5. What did they eat?

6. Why don't we have dinosaurs now?


W -


Use the questions they couldn't answer above to form their responses to what they would like to know. 


L -

This last column will be filled out at the end of the topic and does not need to be filled in today