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Today you get the chance to describe the dinosaur you created yesterday.


We're going to use three different types of words:


1) Nouns - remember that these are the names of people, places and things. Label the parts of your dinosaur's body. For example neck, claws, teeth, armour.


2) Adjectives - these are describing words, words that tell us about the noun e.g. neck is a noun but what is the next like? The dinosaur has a long neck. Long is the adjective. Add an adjective to a noun. For example tough armour or sharp teeth.


3) Verbs - verbs are often called 'action' words. These are words that tell what is happening e.g. eating or fighting. They often end with -ing or -ed. Thinking about the type of dinosaur you created will help you decide on your choice of verbs. A carnivore (a meat eater) might do some chasing, tearing, eating, killing while a herbivore might do some walking, chewing, grazing etc.