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What sounds can you make using your body?


NO, not those kinds of sounds but body percussion. Percussion is making a sound by tapping, striking or shaking a part of the body.


There are 4 main body percussion sounds:


1. Stomping

2. Patsch (slapping thighs with hands)

3. Clapping

4. Clicking


Can you think of other ways of making sounds with your body?  Could you click you tongue? Or change the sound made by clapping your hands in different positions?




Do you know this tune?

If You're Happy And You Know It

Diversi-Tune Children Sing Along karaoke

We've got new words for 'If You're Happy and You Know It'


The dinosaurs are stomping all around, (stomp, stomp)

The dinosaurs are stomping all around (stomp, stomp)

The dinosaurs are stomping,

Yes, they're really, really stomping,

Oh, the dinosaurs are stomping all around.

You can choose your own verbs (action words) for your next verse,


Chomping, gnashing, scaring, roaring, 


Choose an action and a body percussion sound for each new word.


Put it all together and perform it. 

Can you make your sounds louder or quieter?